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Luis Jimenez- CEO & Founder 

An entrepreneurial and driven individual with 3 years of experience in mechanical engineering consulting work, Luis holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. During his master's program, he began engaging in consulting work primarily on Upwork.


Following his graduation, Luis had the fortunate opportunity to become part of the Entrepreneurship Miller Fellowship Program. Through this program, he received valuable mentorship, accountability, and guidance for a duration of 7 months, which significantly boosted the prospects of his business. Luis' passion for tutoring, mentoring, and coaching engineering students paved the way for my involvement in this program. However, it was during this period that Luis quickly realized he could leverage his consulting experience to establish his own business as a mechanical engineering consultant. And so, Ennovatec LLC was born.


Even as he embraces his role as an entrepreneur, Luis holds a deep love for teaching and tutoring and remains available for any student interested in his services. He remains committed to coaching engineering students and helping them thrive in their academic pursuits. Throughout his journey, Luis has consistently prioritized building efficient and results-driven relationships. His expertise spans strategic planning, project guidance, accountability, mentorship, and unwavering support, all geared toward fostering success in the field of engineering.

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